Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our walk

Tuesday we have playgroup now and it was so nice out today.  All the kids played outside while us mom's sat around the patio table and talked.  I sprayed all the kids down with sunscreen when we got there, but should have done myself and got a lil burned on my right arm and right side of my neck.  Stupid really, because I am a sunscreen fanatic normally. 

After dinner tonight it was so nice that Summer Girl came out and asked her hubby if he wanted to take a walk around the block.  My 38 week pregnant self wasn't quite sure if she wanted to but Summer Girl insisted so I strapped on my belly band and we made it just fine.  It was so nice and we let the kids, well Aaron, walk.
 I dug out Grace's sun hat and it still fit her enough for her to wear.  Plus she was wearing purple today so she wanted to wear the purple side.  Aaron's sun hat doesn't fit anymore and I think I sent it along for my new nephew anyway.  So I dug out the Navy ball cap (got represent Uncle Tay Tay) and we tightened it up and he kept it on for the entire walk!! He was so stinkin cute with it, my lil slugger!  We stopped on the corner to have K take this picture and the house across the street was playing basketball in their backyard and Aaron was so excited to see basketballs popping up above the fence.  He kept saying, "Ball! Ball!" 

Tomorrow I have my 38 week OB appointment in the morning.  I am not sure if I am excited or not.  I am not sure what he can tell me that will get me excited...but he still has to check everything out.  K was supposed to travel to Idaho tomorrow for an overnighter.  But since the trip is 5 hours one way he is skipping out on it in case she comes.  So since that is not on his schedule anymore, it would be really nice if she came tomorrow morning.  Like wouldn't it be great if we went to the appointment and the Doc says, your in labor now, head on over to the hospital!! LOL
We will see what tomorrow brings!!!!!!!!

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