Saturday, April 7, 2012

38 weeks, Easter Egg Hunt

Today I am 38 weeks along.  My week date is on a Saturday and it was the same with Grace, however I went into labor early Saturday morning on my 38th week with Grace, so this pregnancy is officially the longest I have been pregnant!  But at this point it's fine because tomorrow is Easter and I want to see the kids in the morning and spend it with my family. 

This Easter weekend we are having nice weather, so it makes it more fun.  Yesterday we looked up a free Easter Egg Scramble with 10,000 eggs and decided to drive down there this morning and participate.  It was fun, it was just super windy and since we got there at 9:40 it was still pretty cold, I think about 35 degrees.  But we got there at the perfect time and we parked a little farther away to avoid the traffic and walked to the park.  It was a good little hike for me, but it worked out nicely and I think tuckered the kids out a bit. 

This was right before the kids were allowed out into the circle.  They basically just set all the eggs out into the grass and then spray painted a big orange circle around it so that the age groups stay separate and they wait until the right time.

 Daddy warming up the little boys hands.
 Before it 'started' you can kind of see all the eggs and the crowd line up.  That sign on the left said no adults allowed, but of course K saw dad's sweeping armfuls of eggs for their kids.  Which is silly because we were in the ages 1-3, so it's not like your 1 year old really needs to have any more than they can get.  Aaron actually got the concept, he couldn't carry his basket but he was picking eggs up 2 at a time, one in each hand.  Grace was a little bit more cautious, but they both got about 10 or 12 eggs.  It only lasts for maybe 5 minutes before the eggs are GONE. 

 Mass egg attack!
 Afterwards showing off their Aaron's face!  He was so proud of himself!

 They also had the local fire dept out there with a truck with their ladder, so K held the kids while he walked around the truck to show them.  We thought Grace would like it a lot because she always points out fire engines and ambulances when they drive by, but she was kind of freaked out.  I think she thought the sirens would be on.  But I guess Aaron thought it was great.
 Afterwards we came home and Aaron passed out of course, and its a good 20 minute drive, so I was resigned to a short nap with him.  However they both slept really good for about 2 1/2 hours and I got a good nap as well!  So that was delightful.  All in all we had a lovely Saturday and tomorrow should be great as well.  We are supposed to go over to Grandma's for dinner and I am sure we will do an egg hunt there, but it is supposed to be highs of 72, so it will be warm by then!

Hope everyone is enjoying there Easter weekend!

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