Monday, May 21, 2012

What we have been doing

Took this picture of Sarah the end of last week.  If she would have been here for Easter I would have had her wear this dress.
 My big boy, Air Bear, loves to sit at the table now.  Except he still has to learn some manners, asking to be excused and so forth.  But he is doing an excellent job using utensils these days.  Here is eating his favorite breakfast food, bananas! Love his little feet tucked under him like that!
 This picture I quickly took of Sarah before we headed out to church yesterday.  Another adorable dress! I tried to get one of Aaron in his new shorts and shirt but, my battery died the instant I picked it up to take his picture.  A bummer too, because he is learning to smile for the camera and has the cutest cheeser grin.
 My sweet big girl wearing her new blue paisley dress from Nana, she was so cute in it. 
 And then of course my little peanut today. It's a right of passage to wear the Nana onesie and have your picture taken in it.  I am glad I got her in it today, because it was a tight fit to get the snaps to snap at the bottom. 
I got a walk in this morning with the kids and 2 baskets of clothes folded and the kids towels washed.  (Important because they has baths tonight)  However I didn't get anything else done!  If Sarah was awake then I was holding her.  If Sarah was asleep then I was regulating Grace and Aaron every 5 minutes.  That happened all day today, even though Aaron got a great nap.  Looking forward to nice weather this week.

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