Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dance Recital and Checkups

We had Grace's first dance recital last Saturday and she was so precious.  I ordered a video so I can't wait to watch it!  I can't believe how grown up she looks!

 Cheesin with Pepaw!
 After the recital they put on a little tea for the girls and the families, Grace really wanted to have some tea and she did and liked it! You can see her little glass tea cup there next to her punch.  Aaron was getting cleaned up because he was covered in something I am sure.
 We got Grace purple flowers.  She LOVED them.  She has been all about the flowers this spring and her favorite color is purple.  Any choice she makes if she could choose purple, she does.
 Memaw helping me with her hair! I was inexperienced in dance recital hair!
 Sweet Sarah slept through the whole performance of course, how thoughtful she was!
 And of course the sweetest boy I know..Air Bear.
I took the kids to the pediatrician's today.  It was my first time out with all 3 kids by myself and it was good, but kind of crazy.  Our appointment was at 11:45 which I wouldn't normally schedule, but since they were able to do Aaron's 18 month check up with Sarah's 2 week check up I figured I would roll with it. 
Sarah is doing great, she is up to 9 pounds and the 73%  and nursing on her schedule still.  When she wants to sleep she wants to sleep.  Hey I don't blame her...I enjoy sleeping very much as well!  Her length is 21.6 inches and 90%, so she is doing great!  In fact she was the quietest of the three of them at the appointment.  She had to get her heal pricked again for the newborn screening they do, poor little baby foot, but she was a champ right after.  Also her umbilical cord scab fell of yesterday so that's nice.
Aaron is 22.8 pounds and in the 10% and his length is 33.3 inches and in the 73%. The doc says 'lean'...I say yep that's my skinny boy! Too bad he is such a picky eater sometimes, because he could stand to gain a few pounds.  I am hoping that when his other molar finally pops through we won't have such teething issues.  I can see one of them and its mostly out but not the other.  It feels like we have been waiting for those molars for months and months now!! Aaron got a vaccination and he was quite sad about it.
Grace also got a vaccination at the doc's office and she had a hard time being the first one.  She was kind of sad for a bit, but then I let her dig around in the diaper bag for my lip gloss and it made everything better real quick!
We finally left the pediatrician's office (after nursing poor starving Sarah real quick) at 1:35 and ran through and got the kids something to eat before heading home for some late naps.  Aaron took a short one, Grace may or may not have taken one, hard to say and Sarah definitely took a long one! And I took one on the couch and it was great until Aaron woke up whining! LOL!
All in all it was a good day and now its time to hit the hay! Night!

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