Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I was going to do a blog post tonight, but I just got Sarah to sleep and I have been on Mommy duty all day.  So I will upload new pictures tomorrow.  (Just had to stop typing to run downstairs and gave
 Sarah to Daddy so I could go in and comfort Grace, who woke up from a bad dream)  I took these pictures yesterday with my phone and sent them to my email, so I was able to upload them with one hand while I nursed Sarah.  Nana and Papadaddy sent these outfits for the kids, Grace new Big Sister shirt and Aaron's Elmo outfit.  Which I didn't know he knew who Elmo was until I showed him this shirt and he started saying Elmo! 
 Totally flashin a cheesy grin on purpose! The shorts are kinda long on him, but they look really long in this picture because of the angle. 
Today I graduated Sarah up to a size 1 diaper and went threw and separated some of her newborn clothes out.  No more NB size for her!  I am hoping for a good nights sleep tonight, I got the big kids down to bed at 8 and then nursed Sarah but she was fussy afterwards and just finally fell asleep at 9:40pm.  So I am going to go back and get her and bundle her up and then read my book a bit before hitting the hay myself.
Hope everyone had a nice Sunday and Mother's Day...I personally get a re-do later on once K is back on his feet.

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