Thursday, May 24, 2012

Busy Life!

Last night we headed over to Ihop for dinner where kids eat free.  That is my new 'thing'.  We have to wean ourselves off of eating out a lot and so if we do eat out then its going to be a restaurant that has a kids eat free night.  After dinner we walked over to Best Buy and got a pair of headphones for Grace or Aaron to wear.  Now that Aaron can watch movies too, he will need a pair for the car ride this weekend down to Torrey.  Then we walked back up towards the car and got some Cold Stone ice cream and headed home.  The kids were so cute running along the sidewalk.  Everything Grace does Aaron has to do too! Except he always takes longer! 
Daddy and Sarah before we headed out to dinner.  I was worried because she was sleeping and I had hoped she would have awake time during dinner time and so forth but she didn't.  So I thought for sure I would be up with her a lot last night. But in fact she slept pretty good and didn't have her recent 3am-5am fussy period.

Daddy peeking while I took the picture. :)
 This is how Mommy puts the hex on Sarah.  I give her a bath and nurse her, then she fell asleep while I burped her.  So I swaddled her up and laid her down.  I thought I was done for, for sure when I took the picture because the flash made her open her eyes, but she just went back to sleep.  I got to be careful with the flash usage in the future!
Tomorrow I have lots to do.  I have to finish laundry and pack us all to get ready to go down south to Torrey for the weekend.  I have to hit the grocery store for snacks and food we are taking and ice for the ice chest.  I have multiple lists going.  I only managed 4 loads of laundry today and one was our sheets from a major Sarah blow out this morning.  K tossed some more clothes in tonight so hopefully that will be wrapped up easily tomorrow.  We are leaving as early as we can on Saturday.  It only takes about 3 hours but we will probably have to stop to nurse Sarah. 
Going to finish watching The Biggest Loser now.  I recorded them and saved them to watch until after I was pregnant.  I did that with Aaron and I definitely feel like I need some working out motivation. 
Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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Beth said...

I love the sweet pics! Have an awesome weekend and tell the McCubbins' family that we say hi! Miss you all so much!