Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What We have been Doing

It has been really nice weather this week in the mid 70's and 80 today, so we have been enjoying the summer like weather.  Took this picture of Sarah on Monday.

Grace and Aaron were making mud pies or mud something on Monday and I washed them several times during the day before and after nap, but they napped really good and had a blast so I was cool with it.

Aaron looks so skinny here, so serious, so loved!

You can't tell, but she was almost as dirty, I think Aaron had help getting himself that dirty.

Took this picture of Sarah today of her cute little brown dress.  I put a brown and white onesie under it because when we left this morning it was still a little cold out I figured for just tiny straps.

It probably would look cuter without the onesie, but oh well!

So I decided to head over to Wal Mart to check out their water tables, since we are having such nice weather.  I thought it would be better for the kids to be playing with water outside instead of digging in the dirt. (On a side note...why is it my children like to dig in the hard packed dirt, when we have a pile of dark compost dirt that in my estimation would be much easier to dig in??)

The water table was a huge success, although it took me much longer to put it together that I thought, despite only having 8 screws and most everything snapped easily together.  Lesson learned, screwing screws into plastic is a lot harder than it looks.  Also putting a water table together, nursing a baby, and making lunch for your toddlers is a balancing act...what do you do first?? Feed them.

So I thought that Grace's bathing suit from last summer (3T) would still somewhat fit her until I got her a new one.  However that is not the case it is really too small and she was fussing and crying that it was too tight.  And I could see that it was.  Aaron however still fit into his 12 month board shorts and his 18 month wet suit-ish shirt fit as well, so his bathing suit needs are not so desperate.
I let the kids play until 1:30pm today since they were having so much fun and everyone had such great naps.  Grace and Aaron until almost 4pm and I had to wake Sarah up at 3:00pm to nurse her.  Although she went down for her 'nap' earlier.  :) 
I think K and I are going to have a date tomorrow night.  Grandma is scheduled to babysit around 6pm and I am trying to decide if I want to bring Sarah with us to dinner or leave her with Grandma.  Not sure yet.  Looking forward to another nice day tomorrow! Happy Hump Day!

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