Thursday, May 17, 2012


We went to Costco today and then to the grocery store.  These pictures are my new wallpaper for my phone.  I ADORE these kids, I mean look at those grins! 

My sweet Sarah, she was happy and chilling out in her car seat while we were in Costco until she fell asleep right after I took this picture.  Then she was upset while we were grocery shopping.  My easy baby is proving to be not so easy, she likes to be held lately unless she is eating or sleeping.  I can nurse her and she will be looking around, so I put her down in the swing or the Papasan chair and 2 minutes later she will be crying and she gets madder and madder.  She also seems to be like daddy and not like the heat much.  She cries and gets all red and sweaty and then break out in a lil heat rash, like baby acne on her face.
But she is a decent sleeper and doesn't have a lot of fussy times.  She will spit up a lot when she she nurses a lot, like after she has had a long nap.  Also I think she may have hair like daddy.  It used to curl up after her baths, although she got a bath tonight and it didn't, but maybe because there isn't as much now.  We will wait and see!  She is always frowning! I can't wait to see her smile often and hope she is a happy girl.  Aaron was so serious for so long, but now he can cheese it up with the best of them like his big sister!

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