Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sarah, Grace and Aaron

So I finally am downloading the pictures I have of Sarah and the kids meeting and from after we got home.  This first one is of Sarah at the hospital Day 2.

Grace meeting Sarah for the first time, I don't think she knew what to think.
 Aaron  checking out his baby sister...he is such a love.
 Opening gifts 'from' Sarah...Grace got a new umbrella stroller for her babies.
 Aaron got a puzzle, although he thought the stroller was fun to drive as well.
 Sarah all ready to go home that night...she wasn't so thrilled.
 My girls! Big sister LOVES holding Sarah, even when she is fussing. 
 Love this picture because I have an identical one of Grace, making that same face!  If I find it I will post it.
 Sweet sleepy girl.
Sarah is such a good baby, she is so easy, she hardly ever fusses.  Of course I will write that and then we will have a fussy night tonight! Ha! Hopefully not! No, she really is a good baby.  She fussed for a little bit last night and then fell asleep about 9:30pm and slept until about 2am. We went to sleep early around 10pm so I got a nice bit of sleep.  She snacked on and off until 630ish today when we got up and nursed.  I was feeling decent so I decided to jump in the shower and Aaron didn't wake until 745 I think. Then Sarah was awake until about 10am and then she slept hard until 1:20 when I 'tried' to wake her to nurse.  She wasn't having it and only snacked then she nursed good around 3:30pm.  And then she snacked off and on during dinner and bath time tonight.  She finally fell asleep around 8:30pm tonight.  Now I just have to make a point of going to bed at a decent time and hope for another long sleep!
Tomorrow is her 2 week check up and Aaron's 18 month check up.  Grace is also going to get a shot, so we will hopefully have a smooth visit.  It will also be the first time I take the 3 of them anywhere by myself!
Time to go switch the laundry-love you all!
Night Night!!

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Beth said...

Grace and Aaron are so sweet with their baby sister. We had such a wonderful weekend with all of you! Lots of snuggle time with my sweetie pies...love and miss you all!