Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day in Torrey 2012

Saturday morning we headed down to Torrey UT for a family reunion on K's side of the family.  We took the third row of the Expedition out and loaded her up and headed down south.  Torrey UT is home of The Capitol Reef National Park and about a 3-4 hour drive for us.
The kids were excited because they got to watch movies on the way down.  Here they are all loaded up ready to go!

 Cute little Air Bear, he only can watch movies for so long then he gets bored I think.  Also he can only watch certain movies right now without being scared.  Luckily they can both watch separate movies with our portable DVD player.

 Daddy getting ready to head us down south.
 Sarah did so well and slept for a long time before we had to stop.  But then she had to eat and we pulled over on a side road so I could nurse her and the kids could stretch their legs.  The problem  however was that we were mostly to Torrey and the winds down south are intense,  (You may remember last year we camped for the first time in a pop up trailer down in Torrey and the winds were crazy) so the kids didn't really want to stretch their legs outside even with their adorable wolf hats we happen to have in the car for just such occasions.
 At the potluck dinner Saturday night, Grace playing softball with Emily.
 She was dancing hanging on to her leg.
 Catching up...
 Russell pushing Aaron on the swing.
 Grace and her fav cousin Luke, these two are 2 peas in a pod and loved running around together all weekend.
 Emily's birthday, she is 16 now! My little flower girl is almost all grown up! Grandma and Papa looking on while Emily blows out some candles.
 Rachelle and Rachelle with Cade, (yes both are Rachelle)
 My hubby and my kiddos!
 Sweet Sarah.
 Crystal and Devin
 Me and my boy.
 Grace and Papa

We had such a good time but came back worn out.  Grace, K and I were sick but Grace was really off her game on the drive home.  But she seems to be feeling better now and so am I, we just have a little bit of cough that shows up at night mostly.
I have more pictures of the kids coming with some of their new cute clothes!

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Beth said...

Love all the pics! So glad you had a great time catching up with everyone!