Friday, June 29, 2012

Cleaning out the Junk Drawer

(I tried to post this last night but it wouldn't publish and it got too late, so here it is now)
Yesterday I decided (don't as me why) to clean out the junk drawer in our kitchen.  There was probably other more productive things I could have done.  But I think I wanted to put something away in the drawer and it wouldn't fit so I started cleaning while the kids were napping.  Shortly after my little Air Bear woke up so I got Grace up and they helped me play with the stuff I found.  A tiny package of purple NERDS candy.  Delicious to Grace's but apparently not to Aaron's because I kept stepping on them with my bare feet.  Then we played with a leftover package from last year of Pop-Its.  Those little kind of mini firecrackers (but not) that you throw on the ground and they snap.  The kids thought those were great.  Then we found exactly 2 latex gloves, the possiblities of fun were endless! :)
It's funny because growing up as a teenager we didn't have fireworks, but out here they are kind of a big deal (not really to me, too dangerous for little satisifaction).  Thats the one drawback of July out here is that people buy fireworks (sometimes they drive to WY to get really BIG ones) and since it doesn't get dark until like 9:30 right now they are shooting off these huge noisy obnoxious fireworks in the neighborhoods. It's really annoying.
 But anyway, some cute pics of the kiddos. My "big kids". ;)

 Uncle Sam wants YOU!  :P
 My sweet little peanut, after her 2 month checkup.  She was 12 pounds 5 ounces and 23 inches long.  In the 77 percentile and 81 percentile. I am thinking she has daddy's long arms like Aaron, but mommy's thighs. ;) Lovin' those baby chubs right now.  I missed out with Aaron my lean little man.

 The start of a smile here.
 Checking herself out in the mirror.  She is so aware, she tracks me a lot and if she sees me coming by her in her chair when she is crying to be held she will stop crying.  Of course if I don't pick her up then she starts crying again.
Grace is doing so good.  I went outside tonight because the wind had blown the blow up kiddy pool into the grass because there wasn't any water in it.  And I noticed that yesterday when they were playing with their chalk and latex gloves and bubbles etc. outside Grace was writing the letters she knows.  She LOVES writing the letter H.  In fact today at the grocery store my list checker gave herself the letter H tatoo with my blue pen on her arm. But tonight I noticed that she had H's, O's and E's all over the patio.
Also Grace was so obediant tonight when I asked her to go upstairs and clean her room. She actually was doing it without any help from me and was staying on task and bringing Aaron's toys to him. That was great!
Aaron has been talking more and more and he is so funny. He loves his daddy so much and yells DaDa whenever K comes home from work or whatever. He is getting really silly too and the two of them can play pretty well together when they get into it.
Tomorrow I have to get his room kind of cleared out, because I have some teenagers coming over on Saturday to paint his room!!!
Last week our church sent out a special request email asking for service projects for 150 teenagers to do this Saturday. They are going to a leadership conference and wanted to serve us. Boy was I all over that!! I have been thinking and thinking of how to get Aaron's room painted so I could switch the kids and put the girls in the bigger room. So I submitted my project and will have about 4 teenagers taping and painting and moving furniture on Saturday morning from 9-12pm. I need to get most of the little things out so it will be fast. Because I am going to a lighter color it will probably need 2 coats, but with fans to help dry I think it can be done. I will take pics of course and let you know! Can't wait!!! Then to decorate the girls room and switch them! I have a ton of ideas in my head but one thing at a time.
Well time to go to bed. I stayed up till 11:40 last night (typical when K is gone) and then Sarah woke up at 12:20, I was tired for that one! Then she woke up at 4 and then finally 6am. The crazy thing was then Grace comes cruising in my room at 6:30 and Aaron starts cooing at 6:50am! Sometimes Sarah will be awake for an hour in the early morning and then nurse and go back to sleep until like 9:30ish. Yeah not today...but it was good because we had to go to Home Depot, the bank and the grocery.
Anyways enough side tracking from me! NIGHT!

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