Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Fun Day

Grabbed the camera after lunch today and tried to get some shots of the kids just playing together nicely. Of course Sarah spotted the camera and immediately started the cheesin. I love this first picture because I caught a genuine smile, and she looks so blond here! I love when they include Sarah in their games and they all go running down the hall (Sarah screaming naturally) and having a ball.

This sweet big sister was working on her penmanship this afternoon at quiet time, practising her J's and 8's, among others. 

The little/big brother, has his sword, although not sure why he needed it for their picnic. 

I went out to get the mail and take our flag down because the wind was whipping it and twisting up. Of course I had some followers.

She was super concerned with why I was taking our flag in. 

And I have no idea what he was doing.

I think Sarah was sick last night. She didn't eat anything for dinner but that wasn't new. She woke up at 2:00am and I tried to lay her back down like usual when she wakes with a bad dream. However she woke shortly after that again. So at 2:30 she came back in bed with me until she couldn't settle down, of course I ended up falling asleep after like 30 minutes. I woke at 6am with her passed out hogging all of myself of the bed. I picked her up and went to take her back to bed and she fell back asleep for 30 minutes but then woke again. So we got up and got some bananas of course. She had 2 which is really normal for her, she'd probably eat more if I'd let her. But then she threw up bananas like 10 or 15 minutes later. She was so non plussed about it too, she didn't even cry. I only let her have saltines and some juice for a little while and she kept that down so I made her lunch like normal. And as you can see from the pictures she seemed to have fun, oh and she worked out with me. In fact she kept climbing on me while I was trying to do plank and some V-situps.
Daddy is home now and we are looking forward to a nice weekend! 
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