Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hanging Out

It's been a busy week here. Monday we had a grocery store run, Tuesday we had playgroup and then we skipped naps and went directly to another friends house to celebrate her son's 5th birthday before they start school next week. Then Wednesday we had some more friends over and hung out and today we went to Costco. They have a really good deal on goat cheese, you can get 2 10 ounce packages for 6.39. I like goat cheese and had bought it a month or so ago and apparently my kids all love it. So for lunch they had salami, goat cheese and crackers (Oh my GOSH a huge thunderstorm is happening right now and it sounded like thunder just crashed over my house! Scared me to death!). Anyway they devoured the goat cheese and Aaron and Sarah did not want their turkey sandwiches I made them. (I wasn't so sure if they would eat the salami. Then we cleaned house a bit and played. At nap time I worked out, and sweated bullets! For dinner I pulled out some ground elk meat someone had given us and made tacos! I was a little nervous as I hadn't done that before but the kids ate it up. Well Sarah didn't but she doesn't like anything so boo on her. Here is my sour creamed face kid, he had to go potty in the middle of dinner.

Such a cutie pie.

Of course after he finished up, then Sarah saw the camer and started cheesin immediatley. 

Can you tell she is saying cheese in everyone! 

I LOVE this picture of the girls. Sarah looks so big and it just makes me think of them as big girls hanging out together. Sarah sure looks tan next to Grace!

Can't forget bubs!

And my sweet girl. Such a good helper she is. Today I gave them each half of a magic eraser and had them clean my doors and door frames and some walls! Oh my they look so much better.

My toe is feeling lots better and I am beginning to be able to do my workouts better, it's still not 100% unfortunately, but some more time. Ideally I wanted to wear these new high heels I had gotten at Savers for my birthday that is coming up next week. But I don't think that will happen. K is still in AZ he was supposed to be back tonight however, things didn't go well yesterday so he had to stay another day. I am excited for my birthday to come but always sad to see the end of August and September come. Even though it's not cool fall temps yet, it just seems kind of like it. Trying to enjoy my fleeting summer while it lasts.
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