Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our weekend

This weekend was really short. K had to go to AZ like I said and didn't get home until about 4:00pm on Saturday. Then we headed over to his sisters house to visit and celebrate birthday's and a anniversary with some pizza and fun. One of my new nieces, Little Miss Abby. She is such a sweetie. She is so tiny because she lost some of her birth weight, but she is doing fine and gaining it back now.

One of Sarah's new words is 'Cheese' and she loves saying it! This expression is so cute because she scrunches her face up. She still has that scab on her nose, but that is pizza sauce on her chin, which is surprising because I didn't think she really ate any pizza.

Abby's big brother Cade, we think Cade and Sarah look a lot alike. They are 6 months apart. He turns 2 in October and they get along so good and love playing together.

The kids found this costume Uncle Devin had and were playing with it, then K put it on and it was freakin hilarious.

The little kids were all first.

Then Sarah thought it was too scary for her, but as you can see Cade LOVED it!

This morning we went to church and then some lunch at Firehouse subs. It's kind of our after church lunch place because kids eat free on Sundays so we can get our lunch really cheap. It's expensive eating out with kids! Especially hungry ones, although Sarah always refuses to eat her turkey meat. So we are really glad it's free.  This was tonight right before we had the kids come inside and take baths.  The sunset was so pretty behind the clouds, although I think there may have been a fire too. It just looked really neat.

Tomorrow K heads to Bend, OR for work. I'm a little jealous because that is were we tried to move to and I love that little town. And this time of year would be so nice to visit. But hopefully he will get all the accounts finished smoothly and then be home by Wednesday. I told him he absolutely has to be home by Friday as I have a double baby shower at our house I am hosting on Saturday and he is in charge of the kids. Grace is super excited about hanging with him and not going to the baby shower. It's kind of funny.
Looking forward to a busy but productive week!
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