Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pool time and Bike riding

I thought about posting more San Diego pics tonight but I thought I would mix them in every other day or something like that. Here are some pictures from the a few weeks ago when they were hanging in their pool.

I almost got them all to look at me. But I just LOVE this picture of the three of them, you can tell that even Peanut is saying cheese. 

Thought I would throw one in of our ever faithful Kayla Bayla. She seriously is the best dog ever.

Some more practice bike riding.

Of course, anything you can do she can do!

We took the training wheels off her bike because she was practicing on Aaron's strider bike and doing good and the training wheels were just not helping. Unfortunately she is fearful and we are not sure how to get passed it but with practice.

Champion Strider rider here!

Thought this was a cool picture of the clouds. 

Let's see what have we been doing this week. Monday we had groceries (I've been buying 3 bunches of bananas lately! Yes! And I have to make them last until the end of the week, so I can have one in my morning shake.) Speaking of morning shakes, I've been adding spinach to mine and really loving it. I think the extra vitamins have really helped a lot. I buy this big tub of spinach and then put in almond milk, greek yogurt, spinach, 1 banana and some frozen berries for a little sweetness and coldness. That's what I have most every morning for breakfast. Sometimes the younger two want some, but usually they parrot their big sister who will have nothing to do with it, because of the color probably. I know I did other things on Monday but can't seem to remember. Tuesday we had playgroup and that's always a fun day but we don't get a lot of anything else done.  Today we cleaned and organized and donated with a little laundry. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some chores done and maybe a trip to the pool. We have got to take advantage before summer is over!
I also have been trying to keep at my T25 workouts.Only 25 minutes a day. It's nice that since it's only 25 minutes I can do it with the kids in the morning because they won't get too unruly in that time. Longer than that and they start getting bored and want to climb me. And it's hard enough to do plank push ups with a 15 month old on your back thinking how fun it is to climb mommy. And I have to take it easy because my toe although better is not healed completely.

One quick story before I wrap up, so you may remember that our Sarah is our PICKIEST eater. If she had her druthers she would eat french fries all the time. I'm not out to win any mom of the year awards but that simply isn't going to happen in any universe. So tonight I made hamburgers, Tater tots and a sauteed veggie mix of crimini mushrooms, a red pepper and zucchini. I gave her a small bite of each, except Tater tots. Which she refused to eat any of, OK fine, get down without eating. K was cleaning up dinner (he's awesome like that) and he said something about wanting some more of something. Sarah cruised over and took the proffered zucchini bite and proceeded to eat it. SHOCK OF MY LIFE. She then kept eating zucchini until it was gone (only a few slices) and then ate red peppers the until they were mostly gone. Now granted she won a small victory as we let her wander around the house with her food and that stubborn child probably thinks she has the upper hand she fights daily for. However, she did NOT get any tater tots at all. While she was in her high chair we kept bribing her if you eat this pepper bite you can have a tater tot bite!!! Wasn't working, so all in all I consider the amount of veggies she ate as a successful night.  
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