Tuesday, August 6, 2013

San Diego Trip April 2013: Easter

Going to divert in the uploading of recent pictures and go back to our San Diego trip for a bit and here is some pictures from Easter. Easter baskets are filled with goodies!

Sleepy head, I can't believe how short her hair was, or should I say how long it's gotten!

Best toy ever! Buzz Lightyear for the win! He still plays with this all the time! 

Jessie gets played with too, unfortunately she died and doesn't speak anymore.

Chocolate for breakfast? Yum!

Or Peeps?

Easter clothes from Nana and Papadaddy

Hunting for eggs, they had so much fun.

I found it Mom!

Loves her headbands

Such a cutie pie she is!
 Hope you have been checking in with the blog, I have been trying to keep it updated!
(Oh and after uploading my San Diego pictures I am definitely still loving my new camera!!)
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