Saturday, August 3, 2013

More family pics

Just a quick blog update, as I have lots of pictures to post and want to keep this blog updating a trend. Aaron getting cuddles from Papa after he bashed himself somehow.

Aunt Edie to the girls, frankly I was surprised Sarah sat here for as long as she did. She doesn't normally sit still long enough for a story. 

The morning they left, we had to get bunch of family pictures. I try to be the annoying person with the camera and make people pose, otherwise it doesn't happen. This of course was the first pose and right after the garbage truck came and picked up the trash. By the time we took the last ones, everyone was tired of cheesin for the camera, and mostly I mean the kids. :)

American smooches! 

See what I mean? Squirmy babies. 

This morning I took Grace garage selling. We had a good time and I got 4 pairs of pants for Aaron, a pair of Ugg type boots for Sarah, and some cool toys for Aaron. An action Ironman that is about 10 inches tall and an Incredible Hulk guy and a little orange plastic cap gun. I got all that for $5! I just love a good deal. This was the first time I went looking for specific things. In the past whenever I went to a garage sale it was because it was just down the street and they happened to have something I wanted. Then we had lunch and hit the pool. Grace was able to show off her new swimming skills to Daddy. Sarah showed us all how fearless she is jumping to me in the deep end.  I think if we get some ear plugs for Aaron he will feel more comfortable in the water. He doesn't like getting water in his ears.  Then we came home for a quick rest before we headed down south to visit our new little niece. Baby Abby is K's brothers first little girl after 3 boys! She is just so precious and so tiny! I can't wait to get the camera on her soon!
Glad this busy Saturday is coming to a close!
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