Friday, August 9, 2013


Been hanging at the pool where Grace had her swim lessons. I really like that outdoor pool, they play music and it is never that crowded. Can you believe this baby's tan? K and I don't know where she came from! LOL! She got some grandparents genes to tan, either K's dad or my mom. I put the same sunscreen on her as I do the other too, and she has this little tan.  Although it's funny because I feel like this summer I have actually been getting a tan, which is so weird to me. I guess it's from having babies.

Her poor nose is all scabbed up because she trips all the time and she skipped her face like a rock on the driveway the other day. Poor thing is a little trooper though. She is getting her molars on the top and has been waking lately from her naps early and in the morning. The other morning she woke up at 5:45 and just wants to be up! She is learning to talk more though, she sure is stubborn, she likes things her way. So please and thank you are hard time coming. She is beginning to say thank you occasionally. But the please is a rough one. Which I think she can say because she will say cheese when I bust out the camera.

This was Grace on her last day of swim lessons. She did so well. 

I just love this picture of her jumping in, her confidence just blossomed in swim lessons.

The last day they got to go down the slide with their teachers if they wanted (she isn't tall enough to go by herself). You can see here the first time she went down her face is a little unsure and she is gripping the teachers hands. 

Then the smiles start coming.

And then the laughing. 

I had to take this picture of our Peanut, it just reminded me of the 90's and she thought she was so funny.

Sisters cheesing it up!

The last few days have been crazy. Yesterday K went to work and then got an emergency call to go to AZ. He hustled to get on the last flight out of here and get down there. He got his rental car and his '3 hr' drive to the account turned into a 7 hr drive. He could have just driven from here to the account. Such a waste of time. So now he is driving back home. The silver lining in this is that since he is beat from his long day yesterday, he stopped halfway to home in a place where he has family. So he gets to visit with some family and then make the rest of the drive tomorrow. Looking forward to having him back tomorrow!
I did make a new chicken enchilada recipe tonight (which of course the kids didn't really care for so they had turkey hot dogs and Greek yogurt and bagels. I know dinner of champions!) but I thought they were good and so hopefully he will too. And for the first time in several days Sarah took a short morning nap and her usual 2 hour afternoon nap.
Looking forward to a relaxing weekend!
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