Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hanging outside

Yesterday was a busy day, we hit Costco, the supplement natural store, lunch and the grocery store. We did all of that and Aaron didn't have ANY accidents. I was super paranoid about it too because I realized halfway through I totally forgot extra underwear or shorts. Then after dinner we came outside to play. Grace was showing me all of her balancing tricks.

My little dare devil rides again.

I took a bunch of pictures, playing around with the new camera.

More balancing and tricks from my little gang.

Afterwards we came inside and made cookies. Aaron loved his new apron from the dollar store. "Grace, look it has a froggy on it!"

And of course Peanut is cheesing for the camera too!

Our shortbread cookies we took to playgroup today.
So a few quick stories I don't want to forget. We have had the movie Sleeping Beauty from Netflix for a little while now and the kids love watching it. Yesterday Aaron told me, "I da man, Prince Phillip!" Then he kissed me and I woke up. Then he said, "The mean old witch didn't die ya!"
I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but Sarah has been stubborn with her words... (she is stubborn with everything else so this really shouldn't be a surprise to me) and hasn't been saying please. I figured she could say it because she could say Cheese for the camera. Well yesterday she finally said please for some frozen grapes. (By the way, if you haven't heard of freezing your grapes, you totally should! I love grapes but hate buying them because they end up getting wasted before you finish them all. Freezing them doesn't waste them and they taste like a yummy Popsicle. They are more addicting! And the kids think they are getting a treat! Me too! )
Tonight also she was throwing out some pleases, now if only we can get the Thank You's a little more forthcoming.
K is in OR right now but thankfully he will be coming home tomorrow and know he will be glad to be home for a bit. 
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