Monday, December 14, 2009

"Me? Afraid of the Christmas tree? Bah! I'ma warming up to it!"

This little miss of ours is just a doll. This is one of several videos I took of her walking. I took this one tonight and decided to post it first because she just kept going back to the tree. She is not exactly thrilled that the tree is there, whenever I am holding her she grips her little legs tight around my waist! But tonight it was like she was drawn to the tree but then she would realize she was scared and stop right before she got there!

She sat in some water on the floor so I just let her run around in her diaper seeing as though we would be having a bath soon enough.

On a side note. I have decided to go to the dr to see about this hip/ sciatic nerve issue I have been having. You may remember that I was working out before our football party and when I got off the treadmill I was gimping around in pain. Well its been 2 weeks now and I really can't work out. I think I have worked out 3-4 times since then and it just does not like it at all.

Its really discouraging to be so far along with your stamina and ability to do what you previously couldn't and feel like its slipping away because you can't maintain. Day to day walking around it sometimes hurts and sometimes doesn't. Its mostly when I am up and down a lot from my desk to the teller line, that I think makes it hurt more. For instance I can feel fine all day and it barely hurts then I get home and walk up and down the stairs a few times and then when I get on the treadmill it hurts. I also wonder if holding the Lil Miss on that hip (because that is the side I hold her on) is not helping either.

So I really need to call and make an appointment tomorrow. I will let you know what happens.

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Beth said...

that is so funny that she is afraid of the Christmas tree! But she is getting braver and braver! I hope you can get some relief for your hip pain, sweetie. Let me know what the dr. says. I love you!