Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day after Christmas and Christmas at Lynns

Here is Pooks in her new beanie with silver trim. The top was from Great Grandma and has silver in it as well so I paired them together with her new shoes from Nana. Practising getting up with my new shoes, I got to get used to this whole tread thing!

I did manage to get this cheese s;icer out of the dishwasher! Don't I look like such a bg girl in my new clothes?
I was playing with Zoey and Beau and I was fussy about something....

Look at the deer that was in Grandma Lynn's yard! There was three of them total and they were right there! Grace saw them and was in awed of them!


SOVEREEN'S :) said...

Looks like we missed some fun at your house and Lynn's. I miss the deer in our yard:( that was always so fun! Grace looks like she enjoyed some chocolate, how freakin' cute is that! Love ya

Beth said...

I love those two poses of her trying to stand up! darn cute! And the chocolate face!!! THAT is priceless!