Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let sleeping babies sleep!

Tonight I was trucking along on the treadmill as best as a gimp can. When all of a sudden I hear Kayla barkng! Geez louise! Yes because the baby is asleep! I had to stop the treadmill, take out my headphones go upstairs, yell at Kayla, quietly, as if that did any good and then peer out my peep hole. There was some man standing on my porch who turned out to be Reed our very nice neighbor, but I stood there for awhile staring at him letting Kayla bark her fool head off. Which when I am alone because KSov is out of town I don't mind as much. Such a good nice neighbors he had. Being the single mom this week I had forgotten last night to bring in the trash cans and the mail...ssh don't tell KSov. So Reed was checking up on me! What a gem! I am just sorry I didn't get there fast enough and that Kayla knew it was Reed so she wouldn't wake Grace.

But in the end she didn't...sweet baby of mine must have remembered all the times when she was a newborn and the dogs would go crazy at the door. Hmm.

Called the doc this morning, and I got an appointment for Friday at 9:15. I am sure he will probably have to refer me to someone else, isn't that always how it goes?? And I am sure he will probably say, that I shouldn't work out, but I am kinda stubborn and will keep doing it.

Well the honey is calling so I am off to chat with him.


SOVEREEN'S :) said...

It is so weird to see her walking! I just keeping thinking of her as a new baby! Good to see her warming up to the tree:) We got your Christmas card and I must say you guys are quite the cute family;) Can you believe Grace will be one soon, I bet it just flew by! Why oh why can't they stay little just a bit longer:( Love you guys! Miss you too!

Beth said...

I have played these videos over and over...and if it wasn't for working, I'd spend all day watching her! I am counting the days until we get to visit!