Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just saying Hi!

We went out to dinner tonight, used a coupon! Woo Hoo! It was cold out today! I think it was 9 degrees this morning! We were going to make chicken but it was defrosted so we went out to Ruby Tuesdays. I took this pic of Grace with her lil Santa cap on with my cell phone. Isn't she just so Merry? Of course she is despite being on antibiotics AGAIN! She looked horrible, I mean horrible on Monday. She didn't even look like herself! Her face was red and her eyes were just goopy! Poor baby. Another ear infection. The doctor suggested we start thinking about putting tubes in. And if we do we should do it soon since winter is just starting, and she will be bound to be sick again. Any suggestions, anything anybody hear about tubes. We have to research it. Ack!
I have to jump off this computer because its late and still need to shower. Loves!

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SOVEREEN'S :) said...

I don't know much about tubes, but I have heard they can still get infections even with tubes and the tubes don't always fall out when the kids get older so you have to get them removed. I will ask around some more though. I know several of my friends here have kids that had them.