Sunday, December 27, 2009

No More...

Jeep and Yamaha. Its official. We sold the Jeep and the motorcycle on Ebay last Sunday and now are one step closer to financial freedom! Ha! Although we didn't get what we intended for either one, at least we did get them sold sooner than later. I was afraid that it was going to be next spring for the bike!
So now we are looking for a cheap lil car for me. Anybody got any good ideas? We are currently borrowing my old Mazda pickup from my MIL who bought it from us, the only problem is we can't take Pooks to daycare in it.
So we will have to figure that one out. Now we can start putting that money toward other things that we need to pay on. Always paying!

I am planning for Pooks birthday party now and I have some ideas running around in my head.
I also can't wait for Memaw and Pepaw to come out for her birthday either, it will be fun and like a mini vacation.

Back to work on Monday to make sure I get things cleaned up before another 3 day weekend. I love working for a bank and getting those bankers hours!

Now its time to get off this computer and get into my book and treats.

Oh and 2 more orders of business before I do that.
1. If you notice letters missing from my posts, its not because I am a bad speller or typer (although the later may be true) its because the keypad on this laptop doesn't always work when you hit the button. I am constantly going back to fix what I have written and I don't take the time for spell check, although I should.
2. I am back to the treadmill tomorrow night and we will see how this leg pain is. It has not been hurting when I have been just walking, and I think spending a few nights downstairs has helped but we went to the mall first thing this morning to exchange some stuff and we ended up walking with Pooks from one end to the other and it was beginning to hurt just a twinge.
So tomorrow night if it husts when I jump back into the swing of things then its time to call the doc again.
Now nite nite!

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Beth said...

Can't wait to see the lil birthday girl! I will pray that you all can find a good car for you to drive!