Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Its getting to look a lot like Christmas...

I posted two pics of our Christmas tree, one with the lights on and with them off. You can see the fabric covered ring garland I made with my Nana on the top. I am not sure what age I made these at...although my mother and grandmother might remember. I love them! And when Grce gets old enough we will have to make some ourselves or she can with her Memaw to add to our tree.
I also had to add this pic. I had tried to upload it previously from our party we went to a few weeks ago however I did something wrong and had to upload it to another folder. I like it because my arms look thin! Ha!

Here is another video of Pooks. I took this video prior to the other ones I posted this morning but just hadn't gotten to posting it yet, so I don't even remember what she is doing probably loving on the Christmas tree.

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Beth said...

Your tree is gorgeous! It looks so pretty in your window! I hope you are having a good day today. Have fun tonight and tell Janeen and Crystal we said hi and Merry Christmas!