Friday, December 18, 2009

What the Dr. says & Christmas Tree Love

Just filling yall in on the goings on here in Salt Lake. I went to the doc today and determined (after having me wait for 15 minutes)(I know, really 15 isn't bad, but I hate it when the nurse says something like, "Oh! He should be right in because no else is waiting for him." Then you wait and wait and finally you pull your book out of your purse and start reading and then he comes into the room seconds later...yeah that kind of bugs) that I most likely pulled a muscle or separated a muscle from a tendon. One of the smaller muscles underneath my gluteus maximus

So yeah I am not to work out for a week and he gave me some pain reliever a little bit higher than Aleve and some stretches to do. Which I am going to skip tonight because its late and I am tired.
But if I decide to work out on Christmas Eve and then I still hurt he will send me to a physical therapist to pin point where the pain is and etc etc. I am not thrilled by any means about not working out. And I very much tempted to take some medicine and then get on the treadmill tomorrow. BUT I won't do that because I do listen to the dr and do want to get better so that I can get back into the full swing of things officially.

I am excited though! Today is Friday as you all know and I am officially on vacation till Christmas Eve. Today we got Memaw and Pepaws presents for the Pooksters and now I can't wait for her to open her presents! She saw that shiny ribbon and grabbed the present up and she wanted that gift! Oh and she is not afraid of the Christmas tree any longer. She was touching it and wanting the ornaments tonight. Good thing Christmas is soon!

The video was taken of my phone and I did take some on the camera, however when I started blogging tonight I wasn't plannng on it be this in depth and updated! Ha! So lucky you! So I will have to try and get the longer clearer video of her loving the Christmas tree tomorrow.

I have a lot of planning and getting ready for our Christmas Eve dinner to do because I want Christmas Eve to be stress free and enjoyable! I have some special plans for our Christmas Eve dinner and I can't wait!

Also I am going to try to video our first Christmas morning so those of you who sent that sweet lil girl of ours gifts can see her open them!

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