Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yes, I look crazy but she looks so darn cute!

My mom wrote a post about what she has been doing for Christmas and asked what are we doing. Well this week has been a tough one because KSov has been out of town and I have been B-U-S-Y! On my lunch I have been running to the post office, (breaking the parcel drop when I was there, which I am sure the other 8 people in line behind me for the automated postage machine really appreciated! But I did tell the 1 of 2 people behind the counter that it was jammed and the handle wouldn't come back down. But hey at least I got my package in right?? I kid I kid! I actually felt really bad, but did have to get back to work and there wasn't anything I could do. But I digress) Tuesday Janeen picked up the Lil Miss and I dropped of my gifts for the Angel off the Angel Tree I picked. A lil 6 month girl. All the families on the Angel Tree live below poverty level and have to prove that there would be no Christmas starting way back in October.

Wednesday picked up missy again and went to Petsmart to get the puppers some dog food. Showed Grace this really pretty bird and then we got to pet a 6 month old German Shepherd puppy! Fun! Grace just laughed and laughed when she sniffed her feet sticking out of the cart.

Oh yeah and last night I ruined the fudge. And then tonight Janeen picked up Grace again and again I ruined the fudge. You would have thought I would have got it right, huh? Fudge is so darn tempermental! The first batch I made was perfect, the second overcooked and the third I think just needed a couple more minutes because it is not setting up like I had hoped. However, it is still delicous an even though I kicked my gimpy butt on the treadmill I cut up some strawberries and spread a lil dab of that mushy fudge on them and it was delicous!

Tonight we are kind of bumming though because daddy called and he is going to be stuck in El Paso for another day. he was supposed to come home late tomorrow night, but now he has to stay till Sat. Boo. But its better than him coming home and then flying back out monday and tuesday when I am off and want to spend time with our family.

Just pray that he is feeling better. he has a nasty cold or the flu. He is coughing and snotting and not feeling good and of course I don't know the results of that scan he had? Remember he had to keep rescheduling the appointment with the dr to find out the results? It happened so many times and he wasn't sick I forgot all about it. So hopefully when he gets back we can get that figured out.

Also please pray tomorrow that we sell our Jeep. We have it on Ebay and we have gotten a guy who wants to see it tomorrow. So tomorrow on my lunch I am getting it washed and he will see it a bit after 4pm. He may even be interested in the Buy It Now price. Which we would prefer of course.

I will let yall know tomorrow night how my drs appointment goes tomorrow. :)

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