Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sweets for a sweet baby

The other night I made fudge and let Grace have a lil taste on a spoon. I think she liked it. I tried making fudge again tonight and I say tried because I got distracted and overcooked it. I now realize the importance of the softball stage. Not getting it to that tempature means it would be goopy and not enough mositure has come out. Getting it too hot for to long means you evaporated too much mositure out and its hard and crumbly like old brown sugar. SO that batch is scraped. (The reason I was distracted is because I was trying to get a certain christmas present put together that has been on my to do list forever! and it was kicking my butt.)

Luckily I bought 2 packages of unsweetened chocolate so there is plenty of stuff for fusge when I can actually pay attention to it! Ok off to bed I go now!

love love love!

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Beth said...

Yummy fudge....and a sweet, sweet baby girl! I love the little spin she does! Too darn cute for words!