Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas pictures

Here are a few new pictures. We took this pic of Grace when we out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. I tossed this cap on her because she only has one cap and besides its Christmas right?? Here are some pics from us going out to that work party. The one pic I wanted to post wasn't uploading! You can't really see my whole dress but it fit soo good and it was clearanced at Ross for only $12~! What a deal!

Here is this vide of Grace I took this morning walking everywhere. I got her to walk to me and then I realized it was so dark you couldn't really see her face. I will try to get another one. I was cooking bacon this morning and that is that noise you hear sizzling in the background. Ok well I got to go wrap presents now!

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Beth said...

She's walking so well! Such a sweetheart. I love the pics of you and K all dressed up! And we so loved the pic on your Christmas card, too!