Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Soup Making

This is my version of Pioneer Woman's Tomato Soup. We made her recipe several weeks ago and I loved the sherry that she puts in it. I cooked the onions a lil bit more this time and added more butter, less sherry and we pureed everything together last time. I did it again this time but blended it longer, which I think worked better. Added a bit of garlic and hot sauce for a tiny kick. Only a smidge really. :)

But let me tell you I have been dreaming about this soup ever since I had the best tomato soup when we went to Alaska. I think this soup is so good and last time I made it I just ate it and ate it. Of course when I was making it again I was paying more attention to the ingredients and realized that it is probably not the healthiest thing to eat. Ha! But whatever I had turkey burgers for dinner again and so I can have yummy unhealthy tomorrow. These are my soup helpers. I drop, splish and splash tomato soup and they help clean it up! Its been awhile since they made an appearance on the blog. Poor puppers they are starved for time at the dog park and I can't wait to go this spring. I want to go outside too! SummerGirl is dying for sunny weather!
This package came today from Grace's Yia Yia. We love getting clothes and appreciate it so much! Such great garage sale finds, I don't know about you but I LOVE a bargain and have no qualms about getting in deep to find some good deals! Mostly sized 2T and bigger we can put these away for a little bit and have a stash saved up! Thanks so much Yia Yia.

I had to pull this one outfit and take a pic because I just love this cute top and shorts! (Don't mind the lil bag of half eaten Fritos)

Here is the pic I took for Daddy tonight. Daddy and I have an agreement, whenever he is out of town I send him pictures of his Pooks. I had to grab it real quick and shoot it off before I put her to bed, because I almost forgot!

Isn't she just the cutest?
Workout tonight consisted of no cardio. But I did 100 situps, a ton of leg lifts and squats and lunges till my legs burned. Also I grabbed the 10lb weight and did squats and worked my triceps and biceps and did like Thigh Master motions (but without the Thigh Master since I don't own one of those) I did that till my legs burned too.

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