Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finally Pictures!

I have had a ton of pictures that I needed to download and finally did that tonight! Here is a pic of the Valentines Day cookies we delivered and Grace helped me bake. They were just as good as they were pretty! Some pictures of my dad and sisters trip out here with the kiddos.

Papou and Grace.

Aunt Me Me and Grace playing "War".

Out for a ride with her Papou on her tricycle. She actually can pedal pretty good, she just has to learn to steer better. (See her cute little brown shoes, 3.50 at Kid to Kid)

Me Me and my little Aaron, look at that smile!

He is so serious and yet when he does show a different emotion he goes full force. When he is mad, whoa watch out! And when he is smiling and laughing he captures your heart with how talkative he is.

Daddy and Aaron just hanging out.

Grace got a play princess dress that is yellow and she loves it.

Grace has been learning her ABC's and counting lately. She is so cute. We will grab her hands when we are walking and swing her on the count of three and she will say, "Three, four nine!" Or the other day she said to me, "Ready, set, nine!" Nine and four are her favorite numbers and she repeats them often.
She also calls her letters her A -B's. Although sometimes she will call them her letters. But we have been practicing them on a website called Starfall.com and she loves it.
Aaron has been doing great too. He is starting to take longer naps and get a regular schedule going which I am thankful for. Last night we got home late because it was our first night with our small group in church and so he went to sleep at about 10pm and then woke at 23o and then slept till about 730am. I was pleased and he still is so easy to put back down in the middle of the night.
He took a great nap today to. I had put him down about 93o and took Grace downstairs with me so she could watch a movie while I jumped on the treadmill. I heard him start to fuss after about 20 minutes and thought shoot! But then he settled back down and I didn't hear him, so I kept on with my workout. Turns out Daddy helped me out on that score and snuggled the lil boy back in so I could finish working out. But Aaron ended up sleeping till like 12:4o!
I have been good with my working out both Monday and Tuesday I worked out. We will see how tomorrow goes because we have play group at 1030 and I have to get ready and work out. Hopefully I can squeeze something in.
I have been perusing the KSL ads lately in search for a double jogging stroller. We have our stroller and the umbrella stroller that is from my mom's but I can't man both and I am thinking that when it turns nice I will want to take the kids for walks and get outside for some exercise. I have found a couple for sell on KSL (our local free craigslist) but they have gotten bought real quick. I am going to try to call on one tomorrow and we will see. I am hoping to get one now while its still colder and people aren't thinking about being outside. Although today was really nice high of 50 and I know I am thinking about summer coming and doing outdoors things. I already got my tomato seeds planted.
Well off to bed for me! XOXO

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Beth said...

Such a smart girl! Hugs and kisses for my sweet grandbabies!