Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Pics Part 2

So this is what Aaron wore to church, however right before we went to Grandma's his diaper leaked and I couldn't have him go in a wet onesie so I had to change his outfit. He was wearing yellow and white and grey, just like the rest of the family. Grace was wearing yellow and white and Daddy and I were wearing grey and black. I was wearing stripes too. I did rinse out his onesie and bring to grandma's to wear for pictures later. Because it was so late when I was able to get the pictures taken I just had Grandma take them with her camera instead of trying to do both cameras, but as soon as I get them I will post them. Grace right before the Easter Egg hunt. The weather wasn't warm in fact it was windy and chill but the kids still had a blast doing the egg hunt with both real and plastic eggs.

Ok every time I tried to get a picture of Grace actually finding the egg, she would move out of my view and I would just get her picking up the egg or her back, like this one.

But this was her excited face every time! (The necklace is not part of her outfit. She loves the plastic Mardi Gras beads and both Grandma and Aunt Crystal let her play with them. I think she likes to mimic them, because they always wearing necklaces. So anytime she gets to Grandmas she finds some beads and Crystal always gives them to her to play with as well.)

You can kind of tell she was exclaiming here over finding an egg.

Grace with her stash, she didn't really find any eggs herself, but had a total blast doing it!! (I bought her dress on clearance at Target. I thought it was a 3T but it is actually 2T, so you can have an idea of how her clothes fit.)

Grace doing the tradition of Egg Rolls, which is not the oriental food. The idea is you take the colored hard boiled egg and roll to another person's egg and if your egg cracks and theirs doesn't, then you are out. Till all the eggs are gone and the person with the most wins is the overall winner.

Her egg rolling toward Marshall's.

Aaron at Grandma's after she took pictures of our family. I tossed the Easter onesie back on him after it came out of the dryer. I just wished I had the white one underneath as well.

Grace reading a book to Aaron.

Hugs for Aaron.

Smiley boy!

Grace going down the stairs on her bottom with the kids.

Today was a really good day. First Aaron slept through the night again. And then he got a really good afternoon nap and slept for 2 hours! His morning nap of course was short and interrupted my workout, but I went and grabbed him and walked with a little on the treadmill to calm him down before setting him up in the swing for the remainder of my workout. Got 3.5 miles in and 450 calories, which is good because I have been eating way too much Easter candy.

Hopefully tomorrow is nice weather because we have a field trip planned for play group!

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