Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting ready for Easter

My little boy is just so precious. He is so filled with life. I adore his smile. He gets so excited about things. Lately he loves standing, with my help of course. I put him in his high chair and he locks his knees. He has such a sense of humor and gets when I am being silly with him, because he will watch me out of the corner of his eye and then crack up. I keep trying to get him watching his hands, but alas he blocks his face.

What a handsome boy!

Aaron didn't sleep through the night last night, but he did the night before, from like 8pm-7am. It seems he goes every other night or every 2 nights these days. But I am happy with that. Plus he is still so easy to put back down at night.

Grabbing both feet now!

We are so excited about Easter tomorrow. Last year we didn't do an Easter basket for Grace because she was too young to realize, she wasn't getting one. But this year she and Aaron are both getting one. I will take pictures tomorrow. Funny story, I was putting the Easter baskets on the table and Daddy wanted to put the baskets on the fireplace because that is how he had them growing up. So we did Paper, Rock, Scissors to decide where they went. He won and they are on the fireplace! He says Grace will see them right away because they are on her was like the Easter Bunny doesn't come down the fireplace, although I couldn't tell you how he does get in! LOL!

We have a busy day tomorrow and I plan on taking some new family pictures because we will be looking nice. (Hopefully!) I went to Target today and got the kids some new clothes they had a bunch of clearance stuff and I had a hard time not buying everything! I wanted to get them some kind of matching outfits for Easter, and I wanted Aaron to have a collared onesie. I think I managed it.

So tomorrow we have a yummy sausage and biscuit breakfast planned, followed by church (of course we have to celebrate Jesus raising from the dead, the most important reason!!) and then back home for naps and cooking before heading down to Grandmas house for food, family and egg hunts!

I hope you all have a great Easter! God Bless!



i hate to say it, but ours were mostly on the hearth of the fireplace too :) maybe the easter bunny DOES come down the chimney as well...he learned this trick from Santa i'm sure ;).
can't wait for more pictures of your adorable family!

randomly: the "word verification" that i have to input in order to leave this comment says {sneses} which i read as {sneezes}...strange.

Alyssa Marie said...

He is adorable! He looks so much like Kent it's crazy.