Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Tuesday

I got the computer to work tonight and got the pictures uploaded from this weekend. Grace got her new Babybug magazines this weekend and she just loves them. Trying to get her to show her new magazine.
Trying for a smile...
But only getting those piercing baby blues.
Being silly...saying la la la.
Me and my sweet boy.
Tickling my little boy. He is actually laughing here...
Love my children.
We have been busy little bee's. Last night we had our small group and this time we met at their house. Our small group leaders have been selling their house and so we had been meeting at the church. Last night we went to their house and we had a Thanksgiving dinner! They had a huge turkey that got partially dethawed when they moved and so we all ate yummy turkey, potatoes, green beans etc!

Saturday we got a Christmas present for Aaron! We got him a little battery powered quad that is for 18 months+. It's not one of those big huge power wheels and it was only $30 normally $50-$60. Also I am stoked because there are a lot of coupons for toys and games that have come out because Easter is coming and I may get some more toys for birthdays this Friday.

This Friday is our marriage retreat and we are so excited to get away! Grandma is coming up to babysit the kids in the early afternoon. We can check in as early as 3pm and so we will do that after maybe swinging thru Target and Toys R Us. (Gotta do the shopping when you don't have prying 2 year old eyes). We will have a romantic dinner before the 1st session starts at 7pm. I am so excited!

Aaron is doing good, he got to bed late last night but didn't wake up till 445am. He got an awesome 2 hour nap this morning and I got my work out in. ( 3.5 miles 52 minutes 470 calories 60 situps. And I am glad that tomorrow is playgroup and I will have a day to rest because I am feeling a bit sore tonight. )

He is still loving his baby foods and rice and barley cereal. He chows down! He loves his bath time and lately I have been putting Grace and Aaron in the same bath and they splash together. Grace splashes softly and at the same time as Aaron and they both love it!

Well its getting late and I have to make a grocery list for tomorrow and see what coupons I need!


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