Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Pictures Part 1

The kids Easter baskets. I got them each some used books at the used book store months ago and and then had some coupons for Crayola Colored Bubbles and Sidewalk Chalk which I split between them and of course some candy and other stuff. Aaron waiting for Grace to be changed, then we dropped a glass and had to clean glass up in the hall before our Easter "reveal".

Grace was so excited and Daddy was right about her not missing the Easter baskets on the hearth. Of course I couldn't get a good picture because her back was kind of towards me and then the dogs kept getting in the way, but she was thrilled. Showing me her Robins Egg.

At first she was all about Aaron's basket and we kept telling her to bring over her basket and show us. Finally she did!

Stuffing a Peep into her mouth. I thought to myself, "Really? I said you can have it, its not forbidden!" I guess she was already practising for the game Chubby Bunny where you stuff marshmallows in your mouth and have to say Chubby Bunny.

Showing us the eyes on the Peep. I have to get a recording of her saying, "I like Peeps!" It is so cute.


My guys! Aaron and his Easter basket, he loves it!

Lately I have been setting Aaron up on the floor because he can sit very well by himself. He doesn't fall very often only when he is reaching for something or pulls the toy on the right onto himself.


I have more pictures from Grandma's house and will try to get them up tomorrow. Today was a good day. Aaron and Grace both went to bed late about 10pm but Aaron slept through the night. He got up right before 7am and off our day went, I was able to get the house picked up a little bit and both bathrooms cleaned up. Aaron slept only for 40-50 minutes for both his morning and afternoon nap, however I tried for a third hour long nap at 4pm and had to wake him up at 6pm!

Time to get to bed I am wiped!

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