Friday, April 8, 2011

Brother and Sister

Last night Grace and Aaron were playing with a toy together. It's Grace's See N Say, were you pull the lever and it says the farm animal name and sound. Grace would pull it for Aaron and he would just slap at the toy very excitedly!
Aren't they so cute?
So we celebrated Daddy's birthday last Sunday and here are a few pics from the party! Aunt Crystal 'gettin' Aaron's nose.
Grace helping Daddy blow out his candles.

This was a friend of Uncle John's daughter, she loved Aaron, and wanted to hold him all the time. So sweet. I was happy to have lots of family hold the baby.
We had a great day today, Aaron woke up at 1am again last night, however I think its because his diaper leaked. Once he went back down he slept until 8am! Nice. He had a great nap this morning too, about 1 1/2 hours and I was able to get my workout in. 50 minutes, 3.5 miles 460 calories, 50 situps (with Grace helping me out on my stomach), and worked the arms too.

Our afternoon nap was not so easy. I put Grace down and then went to put Aaron down but he was not having it. He had to cry it out this afternoon, because nothing I could do would make him happy. I think he may be getting a slight cold, so he was feeling kind of cranky. And when he isn't feeling good he gets more adamant that he wants what he wants, even though he was tired and rubbing his eyes.

But he did fall asleep and slept for an hour. And he went down super easy tonight I nursed him on one side and he passed out and stayed passed out. I think it's time that he start having regular nap times whether he likes it or not so he may have to cry it out a few more times.

On the other hand we have had no paci's for Grace for the last 2 days and she hasn't seemed to mind at all!

Watching Season of 24 and staying inside while it snows! Have a great weekend!

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Beth said...

They are so cute together and look at Aaron sitting up by himself! I can see all that blond hair coming in! I can't wait to snuggle those two!