Monday, April 18, 2011

6 Month Old

Aaron turned 6 months old on Wednesday and had his check up with the pediatrician on Friday morning. I am just now posting this because Friday we had our Marriage Retreat and I was so busy trying to get ready for that.

Aaron is now 15.7 pounds and 26 inches long. He is in the 15% for both weight and height. Although I think his length may have been mis measured because at 4 month he was 75% for height. He is still my sweet skinny little boy. He has changed so much in the almost 3 days that we were gone. He can sit for longer by himself now without falling over.

I took these pictures on Wednesday.

He is just so sweet.

What a goof!

The other thing he started doing was grabbing both his feet. And he discovered his hands! Last night after dinner he was sitting here in his pack n play and I looked over and he had his hand up in the air above his head twisting his wrist back and forth. He was just staring at his hand with such awe.

The best picture I could get was the first one I posted. (I thought that I had uploaded it already and then found that I hadn't) I have tried a bunch of times to get a cute pictures of him admiring his hands, but he sees the camera and then starts smiling at me. He just has this amazed look on his face that I adore and don't want him to stop looking at his hands that way!! He is just so precious.

He is sleeping through the night off and on. Although he has been sick since Thursday. He has had a cold and then we also thought he got some bad breast milk. There was some leftover in a bottle when we got home and so I decided to mix it with his rice cereal for dinner. I gave him a bite and he made a face so I tasted it and it was disgusting. Grandma had said she had had some problems with bags having leaks in them and losing milk. So we think it must have gotten freezer burned or something. Later after dinner he had some bad poopy's and then vomited up his rice cereal and peas. But he seemed to work it out ok through the night last night, only getting up once like usual around 3am and was all better today. Although he did get bad naps today he went down fine tonight.

Here is a Grace fix, she was watching daddy spray the backyard with weed spray after dinner one night last week. She was telling me that the the red part on the vacuum was hot and I shouldn't touch it! What a hoot!

Grace's vocabulary is just growing by the minute these days. Her favorite word these days is alligator and I need to remember to record because she says it for everything it seems. She also threw out the word either in the wrong context today which cracked me up. She wanted to go to the park and play and I said, No its cold and rainy. She said but we can get jacket either, and shoes either. I think she meant shoes and jacket, as well. She sure is a handful these days and tells me No or No way all the time with this impish grin on her face. But she is a darling and will read books to her babies too. She has a Santa book and the last page it says how Santa came home and went to sleep. I caught her reading that to her babies the other day and she said, "Santa went night night sleepy" So cute!

Our marriage retreat was great and we were able to stay an extra night away from home to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. Our anniversary is actually May 15th, but we will be in San Diego then and we figured since Grandma was watching the kids already and we were going to a marriage conference with our church, what better time to celebrate each other and our commitment to each other. It was great we had gift certificates to Olive Garden and Flemings Steakhouse and we were able to use some of hubbys reward points for a free stay at the Marriot with free breakfast. Dinner at Fleming's was delicious. I had seared scallops in a lobster cream sauce that was to die for, and a lobster bisque soup as well. They were so sweet to, because they were going to get us a dessert but we were way stuffed so they sent us home with some chocolate truffles and an anniversary card!

The weekend was so good and so short! We were glad to be back but also wished for another night! lol

It was so yucky out today that I decided first thing to skip my workout this morning and just have a pajama day, (which I did for 3/4 of the day). I did eventually get some jeans on and some laundry done, and then after the kids went down, I decided to go ahead and hop on the treadmill for just a little bit to say I had done it. The only problem is I can never just do a little bit. I ended up doing 4 miles and burning 520 calories in about 56 min. But now my legs are starting to feel it! Well time to get off the computer and get to bed!

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