Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can anyone tell whats new???

I took a picture of our living room, can you tell what we added?? I know it's a dark picture... but if you guessed that the front window now has 2 new sets of blinds, then you would be right!!! We finally got our front room blinds bought and put up! It only took 3 years. Just in time for summer, although you wouldn't know it with the raining pounding against the house right now. So as you can tell I was able to get the camera to play nice with the computer and now have some sweet cutie pie pictures for you. To be honest I don't remember when I took these pictures except I think it was last week some time.
Aaron absolutely LOVES that little electronic music jammer. He smacks the drum and it lights the star up. He pushes that toy all around his tray when he is in his high chair. Thanks Memaw and Pepaw!
What a cute drooly face.
Here is my favorite little stick collector!
Can you see the pile of rocks and sticks behind her on our patio furniture??? She is showing me here rock.
Grace loves holding her brother. She actually does a good job of it and he just adores her. He will beam at her, and doesn't mind that her hair will be in his face.
He is starting to grab at his feet and its so cute. Last night he was up 2x, once at 1am and I had just fallen asleep, and then again at 610am. I got him down for one more hour of sleep, but woke up with a small headache which is actually gone now.
The kids are down for a nap, Aaron for about an hour now & hopefully for longer! Time to jump off the blog and get some stuff done!

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