Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tulip Festival

Instead of play group today at the usual house, we all went down to Thanksgiving Point and were able to get half off admission for the Tulip Festival. At first I was thinking, that it might be boring, but in actuality is was a ton of fun! We had 8 moms and 11 kids with one on the way! What a group, huh! It was a perfect sunny day and although it was a little chilly at first it was perfect with a light hoodie. The kids had a blast and so did us gals too! I did learn some things about myself and being a mom. 1.) Get yourself ready first. (Aaron slept through the night again last night. Thats 3 in a row!) So I have been getting used to more morning time, but just mismanged how long it would take to pack and get ready. This was the first field trip I did without K's help and there was a lot to have for 2 kids for just a short time. I thought I would have more time this morning to do my makeup and such, but not so much. And I ended up being so late and lost (although I think that ended up working to God's purpose anyhow, my being late and lost)
2.) Make a list. I normally make a list for a lot of things. However this time I didn't and regret it because I forgot our camera. And I forgot to put sunscreen on the kids and they got a little bit sunburned! I feel horrible about that, especially because if you know me I am normally a sunscreen nazi. And I hate not having the things I want and need for special outings and such.

But the kids all had a blast, this pic is of Grace, and her friends R and A. They are all both about the same age. This picture I took with my phone, but right before that they were all sitting perched on there little knees checking out the view. We all picnicked in the park and then headed home.
The kiddos were tuckered! I can't remember the last time Grace fell asleep in the car. You know what this says to me?? I can't wait for summer!! (I think I have a summer girl 2.0 in the making) and long days outside means for good naps!!! I pulled up in the driveway unloaded the car and then Aaron and she was still asleep. Finally since I figured I wasn't going to get Aaron or her to go back down I decided to run out to the grocery and just try to let her sleep a little bit longer on the way to the store. Except she woke up as soon as I started the car. But she was a sweetie in the store and we needed to go anyway.

After dinner tonight we headed over to Baskin Robbins because today they were doing the .31 cent scoops. We also had a $2 gift certificate so we paid .34 for 7 scoops of ice scream. (They are a little bit smaller than usual) But of course Grace chowed hers! And then she was asking for more of ours. I don't know how she didn't get a brain freeze as fast as she was eating it! We let Aaron try some of our ice cream. First he has some of daddy's chocolate fudge, then I gave him a chocolate taste, but he really started macking it down when I gave him some of the Mint n Chip! Could this boy be like his Great Grandfather??? I mean he was grabbing my arm and pulling the spoon to his mouth!! See he has a chocolate face to prove it! It was a great day!

Tomorrow a friend is going to come over and we are going to talk about me tending her kids in the afternoons for a few months till they get a house bought and she can stay at home. Hopefully it is a good thing!

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