Saturday, July 23, 2011

Run for the Rock 5k

This morning I ran my first 5k and it was great. This is my friend K and her husband S and their 2 year old son A. She is the wonderful person who hosts playgroup at her house. Well in the summer we have been meeting at the park. She is great, organized and super sweet, funny and a great conversationalist. Another playgroup mom MB and her son L. Little L is wearing his daddy's number because he was out of town. I took those before the race.

My little Grace after the race.

Cheesin for the camera.

I had K put my number on my back in case I needed to use my shirt to wipe sweat off. :) I know, such a lovely thought huh? I do that when I am on the treadmill, but when I am on the treadmill I don't have a hat on to catch all of the I ended up not having to use my shirt to wipe my sweaty face!

Us. Sorry my thumb is there, but this was like my third attempt.

Aaron did not like running a 5k. It was his naptime and he was not having a good time sleeping in the stroller. We had to stop once during the run to get him a graham cracker and then on the last little bit there was no sidewalk and the sod was all tore up and he started crying and was mad and sad for the last 10 minutes. Even though we hit sidewalk about 30 seconds after he started crying he still cried us into the finish line. He did however like playing in the new landscaping at the church. Yes he loved the wood bark mulch and kept sweeping it side to side with his hands, making a huge mess. Then Grace got in on the action and we had to tell her no, she was to big to be making a big mess. Such concentration as you can see.

Sweep, sweep, sweep.

This is how you do it sissy.

My man, taking a break. He actually placed 3rd place in his age group 30-34 and got a ribbon. I got 5th for women ages 30-34. We did a 13:30 min mile, which we figured was pretty good because the first half was pretty hilly. I also won a bible study book and we brought home some frozen otter pop like treats for Grace.

Oh also for K's birthday in April and for a Father's Day gift I had his Shellback Certificate framed and we finally hung it up. I love this frame, can you see how it looks kind of like distressed wood? It reminded me of an old ship.

We hung it above the fireplace. I know I need to recycle some of my Sunday papers.

After the 5k we came back home rested and had some lunch then it was naptime for the kiddos and shower time for us. We both tried to take a nap but it was short lived because Aaron was up after a little more than an hour. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was cranky until his early bedtime at 720ish.

If you want a good diet tip, set your freezer temperature really low and then your ice cream will be really hard to scoop. It will take so long warming up the ice cream scoop and be so hard to scoop it that you will give up having a bowl and just eat a bite or two and go back to what you were doing. That happened to me tonight.

Have you ever wished that you could surf the net for hours uninterrupted? I don't normally surf the net a lot and especially having two young children I don't have time to. But tonight I was surfing and reading my SparkPeople site and feeling so tired. Except I didn't want to go to sleep! I had to write this post and then I wanted to read my blogs, and check out Pinterest and should do my Evites for the rehearsal dinner and then I have to check Facebook. Speaking of FB, I am just annoyed that it has sucked me in. Especially because I recently watched the movie The Social Network about how FB came to be supposedly. And it just irritates me that I am adding to his wealth. Stupid Facebook. Stupid fireworks on Pioneer Day. Been listening to those slam around in the street behind me for the last 2 hours. Lame.

Ok I am getting cranky, can you tell? I should go to bed. Hope your having a great weekend!

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