Friday, July 22, 2011

Failed Wednesday Post

I just realized again that apparently my post from a few days ago didn't auto save a whole bunch of other things I had written. I am bummed because I wrote a bunch of stuff about what Aaron is doing and now I will have to try to remember what I wanted to keep track of.

I probably wont do a post tonight, I for sure need to get to bed early because we have our 5k tomorrow morning and I was up early with Aaron at 6ish and to bed late. Although he did sleep straight through so that is a bonus.

Also I went to get the camera out and take some pics of the kiddos at lunch today but I forgot it had a dead battery from 4th of July, so I need to plug it in.

So I will take pictures at the 5k tomorrow and do a post tomorrow night!

One thing I did remember that I wrote was that when I ran on the treadmill on Wednesday, I have a new best 5k of 35 minutes. And it felt easy too! So hopefully tomorrow morning I will feel the same and it will be a breeze! But with no breeze. Running against the wind is hard!

Love ya!

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Beth said...

I am guessing that you guys are running it together and with the kidlets? Or no? Either way, go get em!!!