Monday, July 25, 2011

Some Singing

Hey all, its Monday for sure here. Our Monday morning started at about 5am when I heard one of the dogs panting. It was Kayla but she didn't need to go outside she was just panting. But that kind of woke me up and then I realized that they both needed to go out. After I got up I saw the dog poop on the floor. It really irked me because normally they let us know by pacing and whining that they have to go real bad when we are still sleeping. Whether its midnight, or early morning or whatever. Now warning from a dog. So I let the dogs out then clean the mess up and then plop back into bed because Aaron has slept straight through and he will probably be waking up at about 620. No sooner am I all cozy in bed than I hear Briggs barking his fool head off. Up I get to bring him back inside, can't have him waking up the neighbors that early. Back in bed for maybe 15 minutes and then I hear our little Air Bear cooing away in his crib and its 5 to 6am. Nice. The good thing is that he woke up happy as can be and played happily for about 10 minutes giving K and me a chance to chit chat before we were on duty. K also had to get up early for a service call that he was busy with all day today, so he was up with me.

Nursed Aaron and then headed into the kitchen for breakfast and spent a little bit of time reading my bible. I am trying to get back into doing that. Then fed Aaron and cleaned up the kitchen a bit. I went back into our room to clean up the spot on the floor more and was gone maybe 2 minutes and came back and Briggs had messy poop all over the floor!!!! Arg! I do not know what is up with the dogs but that was seriously annoying, especially because Aaron kept trying to crawl toward it.

So I get that all cleaned up and then I put Aaron down about 8am and its time for Grace to wake up. I go in her room and she is sitting in her crib with her diaper in her hand, but still dressed in her pajamas. Her bed, pillow, blankies and stuffed animals all have pee on them. Ok so we get Graced up and dressed take all her stuff out of her crib to be taken downstairs to the laundry. I get her a bagel and I am ready to get on the treadmill. Downstairs we go where she gets to watch Monsters Inc and eat her bagel and I start the laundry and then jump on the treadmill. Thankfully Aaron sleeps for 2 1/2 hours and I get a nice long workout in (4.2 miles and 560 calories) and a shower and then he wakes up around 1030 for a snack and we then shortly after that we head over to Target.

I wanted to get some of those cubicles/shelves that you can put the cloth drawers in for the kids toys. I have a bunch of Grace's toys in tubs with lids but then she can't put them away her self. So I got one since it was on sale and some other things we needed, like some more sippy cups without rubber tips so the kids can't poke their fingers through. (They just love doing that).

After lunch its usually naptime around 130 but Aaron only slept about 30 minutes for his afternoon nap and Grace not at all! She was supposed to go to bed early but that didn't happen because K was late getting home and I was busy cooking dinner and cleaning up after dinner so she got to play with Aaron in her room.

Poor Aaron has a sore bottom and he was in disposables all day today, so I could use diaper cream on him. But today must just have been a poopy day because literally about 5 out of 6 diapers were poopy! I know you probably don't want to here about all the poop, but too bad its my blog! And if I smell one more dog fart, I am going to go crazy! LOL!

Anyway Aaron is doing great aside from his diaper rash and the kid will be walking soon I think. I will try to get a video on my phone of him crawling because he is so fast now! Tonight Grace was running from the kitchen and then throwing herself on the couch and then back to the kitchen again and I think that if Aaron could have done the same he would have. He crawled super fast after her panting and laughing toward the couch and then pulled himself up. Then Grace ran back and he sat down and started after her again with his fast crawl/laugh. He is so funny.

Lately Grace has enjoyed singing before we put her to bed. In fact I realized that we went through a whiny stage for maybe 2 weeks where she would cry after we put her to bed. She has always been really easy to put to bed and hasn't ever fussed or whined or cried. So we were at a loss and then K started singing Rock a By Baby to her. And now we have to sing every night and at some naps. She loves it! We sing Jesus loves me, which is one of her favorites and You Are My Sunshine. So I took a video of her singing today on my phone. Hope you enjoy! Time for me to soak my aching legs in the bath it has been a long day.

UPDATE: Sorry every one, I just tried to view this video and am not sure why I can't hear it. Probably something to do with my phone. I will try to fix it tomorrow. It's a shame because you can just tell it's so cute by how animated she is! It makes me want to get my phone and watch it again, because she is so cute.

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