Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some things

UPDATE: I wrote this post last night, and totally thought that I had posted it. Apparently I hadn't, good thing I checked! Well Daddy surprised us tonight and came home early! The kids had just woken up from late naps and were in such great moods. K brought home a little drum that you twist back n forth and the strings that are attached beat the sides of the drum. Both kids loved it and kept fighting over it! I will try to get some new pictures of the kids tomorrow.

Summer is in full swing out here in Utah. We have had a couple of intense summer showers and some hot days, but I am loving it. Although I do need to get some color on my legs, they sure do look pasty compared to the slightly darker shoulders and arms I have. Which is interesting because I do put sunscreen on, usually 50 or 70 because it what we have for the kids.

Daddy is in New Mexico this week and so we sent him a goodnight daddy picture. Lately I have been thinking Grace is looking more like her dad. Last night I went to bed way too late and wish I hadn't because Aaron actually slept straight through until 7am. I was glad, but tired. I have been trying to have some quiet times in my Bible before Grace gets up since Aaron has been up around 630am the last 2 mornings. This morning I nursed Aaron and then he spit up in my Bible. Baby spit up and bible pages don't play nice together.

Off we went to playgroup at the park and then right over to the mall to return the second dress I had bought last week. It was too itchy and I didn't like the way it fit once I got it on a second time. Yesterday I did find a neat body shaper unitard thingy at Kohls and so I also took the Spanx panty hose back as well. I don't mind wearing panty hose but it is so hard for me to walk in high heels with panty hose on. My feet are so narrow that I have to get a good grip with my toes or the back slips off. After I returned the dress at Dillards we skipped on over to the shoe section and I got a super cute pair of Jessica Simpson high heels that fit great. They are nude colored and patent leather. I will have to take a picture and post it soon.

I unfortunately kept Aaron out too late past nap though and he was overtired by the time we got home. it took forever for him to get to sleep. I consoled him 3x before I headed downstairs to jump on the treadmill. (I had some serious irratations I needed to work out.)

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Beth said...

I hope you are feeling more calm sweetie! You are doing an awesome job with everything you have taken on and I am one proud mama! I love you, sweet girl!