Saturday, July 9, 2011

Micka Donalds!

The other day I took the kids over to Savers (a thrift shop) on a walk.

Then we walked over to McDonalds for some lunch. Aaron loves chicken nuggets and chowed down on them.

Unfortunately this McDonalds doesn't have a play gym, but Grace still had a good time.

I cleaned the truck out today and vacuumed it. Grace had cookie crumbs in her car seat and we still had the DVD player in there from our trips. Now its nice and clean and mostly "un-baby-fied" at least for a little bit. Ha Ha!

I am trying to not drink Coke and haven't had Coke for 2 days now. Yay me! The weather has been a little cooler and we have had some summer storms. We are having a relaxing weekend just hanging at the house. I went to the bank during naps (which were awesome!) and stopped by a garage sale on the way. I got a couple of 12 month T shirts for Aaron and then stopped by The Sara Lee Bakery outlet on the way home. The hubby and I pass it all the time and we both have wanted to go in there. I got a loaf of bread for .60 cents and a bag of bagels for 1.25!

Tonight for dinner we had yummy steaks, steamed broccoli, and baked potatoes. The kids love steak! It's been a great weekend so far, tomorrow church and Costco and more relaxing!

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