Friday, July 22, 2011

I said I wouldn't but I had to...

share this cute pic tonight in a quick post. Daddy was reading Grace a story and I took Aaron in to listen after I nursed him. After I got Aaron dressed and before I nursed him, we were playing around with Daddy and Grace. I took Aaron and poked him around the corner of Grace's door to play peek-a-boo with them as they got Grace into her pj's. Aaron had all of us cracking up. He was so hilarious, he kept throwing his head back so he was upside down and just laughing away. It was a hoot, and my face hurt from laughing so much. I think Grace and Aaron look alike here, I mean you can tell they are brother and sister.
Grace is so cute, we taught her to not interrupt and to say excuse me if she wants to say something when we are talking. So she says excuse me all the time. "Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me." Oh a hilarious story from today at lunch. Grace was talking to me and Daddy started talking to me. Grace turns in her seat to K and puts her finger up and says, "Just a minute daddy I am talking to mommy." So cute!
I can't believe how much they are both growing.
Oh and have you all heard of Pinterest? I hadn't heard about it at all until I read about it over on Kelly's Korner Blog. Its a site where you can pin virtual images that you find all over the net to your 'board'. You can have different boards. So for example, I started a board for Aaron's first birthday party, so if I am surfing the net and I see and idea for his party I can just "Pin it" and it will go to whatever board I choose. Or if I see home decor stuff or a new recipe. Then I can go back to my boards and use the images or remind me of whatever, and Pinterest (the site) automatically gives the credit to the original poster. Such a great idea because I have tons of ideas running around in my head and it lets you organize it online! No clutter on my bedside table! LOL!
Tomorrow morning K and I are going to be running a 5k, we are pushing the kids in the stroller. It's for our church to help raise money for the property we want to buy to build a building on. You can walk or run or whatever. We will probably do both. I haven't ran on the treadmill since Wednesday but this evening we walked on the trail by our house, just a leisurely stroll.

I bought quinoa (keen-wa) the other day and can't wait to try to cook it. I am obsessed with Cheeze-It's these days, but haven't had any of the Coke that is sitting in my pantry for about a week. My feet hurt from cleaning all day and our neighbors brand new wooden fence fell down in a torrential downpour the other day, which is kind of hilarious and kind of sad at the same time. Their carpenter didn't do a very good job. Oh and I have to go plug my camera in!
Time to jet! Night!

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Beth said...

so cute of your three sweeties! Love the story about Grace telling K she was talking to you...she gets it!