Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mmmm slurp slurp your spinach!

We have been enjoying the fresh spinach from our garden a lot lately. Grace didn't want to eat it at first. She thought if its green and slimy well it must be gross. However she did try it and she loves yummy spinach. She slurps it up just like Popeye. She doesn't like cooked bell peppers though...lolCheck Spelling

Even Aaron likes spinach. But he hates it when I use the spoon to get the spilled food off of his chin. He turns his head after I feed him every bite. He is such a boy-loves to be messy.

This morning K got up because the kids were still sleeping and had a quick breakfast with his sister before she headed to the airport on her way to Ghana, Africa. She will be there until the 23rd of July (I think) and then back to get married! After he got back we got ready for church and headed down. Then after church today we had lunch and then K was sweet to go with me to a dress shop that I wanted to check out. I didn't find anything there so we headed over to the Gateway Mall. They have a fountain/splash park that the kids can play in the water. Really the water shoots up from the ground and it times to music every half hour as well. Grace was deathly afraid and so we went over to Ann Taylor and I tried on a couple of dresses there. I found one that I like and it was only $55 dollars. So I think I am set with a dress for the wedding. Now I just have to get my arms toned up! Ha! That shouldn't be too hard right? Just keep carrying my kids around.

I will be glad when July is over-NO MORE FIREWORKS! The last 3 nights we have been listening to people set off fireworks in our neighborhood and behind our house and really I am over it. I am all for a nicely produced fireworks show, but that's it. I don't get the whole explosives in your driveway thing. And remember its not just for the 4th of July here, its also Pioneer Day which is on the 24th. Fireworks then too.

Tomorrow we are taking the kids to a small parade and breakfast party over at or friends Vern and Jo's and then we will see where the night takes us.


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