Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Stubborn Boy

Last night I got a weird throbbing headache in my temple and hit the bed early. Aaron was awake at 6 and I nursed him and he was still sleepy so I got him to go back to sleep. Then K got up with the kids and let me sleep for a little bit. It was great, and he made breakfast too, scrambled eggs and bacon.

Then we went down to playgroup at my friends house and the kids all played in the kiddie pool and water table. After playgroup it was lunch and groceries and back home for naps. Wait...yeah about naps. The kids went down late and Grace didn't even sleep, she just sang and bounced around in her crib. And Aaron he cooed and cawed for about 1/2 hour then he cried and then he finally fell asleep.

My little boy sure is stubborn!! He still takes bad naps in the afternoon and then wakes up cranky and whiny and just wants to be held. Then we have dinner and its like he is hungry but doesn't want to eat unless it is on his terms. And we know its food he likes and has eaten before. Tonight for instance we walked over to Costco, we needed some Tums and cheese and so we decided to have a cheap dinner. We know that he likes hot dogs and he did not want to eat that hot dog tonight for the life of him. It was going to be his terms or we all would pay! Finally he decided that he did want hot dogs and then munched them down. Oh and don't hurt his feelings at all because he will cry such a sad long drawn out cry and let you know. He accidentally grabbed K's carne asada bake and the foil was kind of warm. Not enough to burn burn him, mind you, but boy did he make a face and cry and cry and there was nothing that could distract him until he decided he was done.
But boy does he love the bathtub and the water. You get him in the bath and he starts pulling up on the edge and laughing and having a grand ole time splishin' and a splashin'. Then out of the bath and into pajamas and I nurse him and it's like he is a brand new baby. Happy and laughing and crawling on the bed and cracking these funny faces. And just cooing up a storm. Such a joy! So I uploaded these pictures they are from Monday I think. Thought I would toss one in there of me.

Sweetest big sister!

Look at those baby blues...adorable!

Aaron cracks us up because he will raise his arms when he is eating. Like he is conducting a orchestra.

We just finished watching a Netflix called The Box with Cameron Diaz and James Marsden, very interesting. Not sure it was one of my favorites but it kept me watching. We did watch a preview before the movie started of Denzel Washingtons The Book of Eli. Have you all seen this? We rented that months and months ago and I have to say it was one of my favorite Denzel movies. If you haven't seen it, rent it!

I can't believe tomorrow is already Thursday! The week is flying by! My sister in law comes home from Africa tomorrow and then her wedding is a week away! It is going to be a busy few days for awhile.

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