Friday, July 15, 2011

9 Month Check Up

Aaron is 9 months old now and such a sweet boy. He is still so tender hearted. He is going through some separation anxiety, and doesn't like it when I leave him alone. Or when Grace does either. He likes to play in her room with her and will crawl down to her room but sometimes she leaves him and he comes creeping out of the bedroom looking for us. Here he is on the 4th (I took these all with my phone, I upgraded my yahoo so now it lets me download pics I send it from my phone again) enjoying a snow cone. This kid loves sweets! Ice cream and such especially. Grace and I waiting for the doctor.

I tried and tried to rotate this picture but finally gave up so I can get this post written and then I need to do some chores.

Aaron is 17.3 pounds and almost 29 inches long. He is 67% for height and his weight is only 6%. Of course breastfed babies are typically leaner, but he is a little on the lean side for his height. Dr. T suggest that we start giving him butter on his crackers and peanut butter (which I already make him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches). Some yogurt and sauces like ranch and maybe even fry sauce to help him gain a little bit of weight. He is a pretty good eater and eats at the table with us now. He didn't like the ribs we had for dinner last night, but he did like the yummy baked potato casserole I made. Lots of butter and cheese in that. We also talked about him waking up still and Dr. T reminded me that he is probably just needing some reassurance during the night, because he is going through that stage right now. It was weird last night though because he did wake up at 330 and I tried to calm him down and then he was quiet when I left him, but then he started again. So K went in and calmed him down and I thought for sure that he would wake again at 5am like he normally does. But he didn't wake until 7am, which was good. Now if he could just sleep straight through until 7am I would be happy with that!

After the Dr. appointment I wanted to go over to the mall and check out Nordstroms and Dillards for dresses for the wedding. So this morning I packed us a lunch and we headed over to the mall. Aaron fell asleep on the way over because it was his nap time. And when I transferred him into the stroller from the car he stayed asleep, which is beginning to happen a little bit more these days. He used to be wide awake anytime we would get him out of the car seat.

Grace and I enjoyed our packed lunch at the food court (which K thought was kind of weird and was a bit hard with all the yummy food around, but then we had a treat at the end of the day so it was worth it). And then Aaron woke up right before we were going to start walking around and so we fed him some lunch. I did find another dress at Dillards and bought it. It was $40 more than the other dress I bought already at Ann Taylor, but this one is more dressy, so we will have to see. I found a dress I loved at Nordstrom but it was $200 um yeah not paying that much.

K text me that he wants to go for a run tonight, so I have to wrap this up soon. He is headed out of town next week, hopefully he will find some time to get a run in while he is there. I am also excited because tomorrow we have a babysitter and are going to go to Buca Di Beppo for dinner (I have a coupon) and then going to see the X-Men movie around 8pm (Bought discounted movie passes 2 for $9 awhile ago!) Hope every ones Friday is going great. Happy Weekend!

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Beth said...

Love you all so much! I'm glad you found a dress you like! I love Dillards. Wish we had one