Thursday, February 2, 2012

What we are planning

I am sorry I don't have any new pictures tonight.  I will try to do a post before we go.  We are headed out to Vegas tomorrow night for an impromptu getaway.  We had been talking and talking about getting away before the baby was born just us, no kids.  But after looking at the calendar we decided we either had to go this weekend or I would have to go to visit K in Rhode Island when he would be there in March for 2 weeks back to back.  Flying to the east coast by myself is totally doable..even this pregnant however I didn't want to fly all day for 2 days just to get there and back.  Soooo, we called around last minute and found some very nice family members who were willing to watch the kids for us and stay the night here and we booked our trip!  It's official, we are headed to Vegas tomorrow night.  We even rented a car so we wouldn't put the miles on the truck.  (K gets a discount with his new job.)  I used to love to road trip, until I had kids.  So I am excited to road trip without the kids and stopping to nurse or go potty or stretch their legs or feed them or so I don't lose my mind listening to crying.
 I even arranged for the dogs to be boarded that way family doesn't have to bother with them, and they can socialize too.  I did have to run over to the Humane Society this afternoon and get their Boardatella shots updated, which was so easy and painless.  Love it!  The kids stayed with daddy while I did that.  I also left Aaron at home with K and went to the grocery on his nap with Grace.  It was nice to just have her and just focus on her, she is such a love. 
We got our hotel booked, we got tickets to go see a Cirque De Soleil show called KA and reservations at Bobby Flay's restaurant Mesa Grill.  I have always wanted to eat at one of his restaurants and now I get too!  We also have a couples massage scheduled for us and so this is sort of our Valentines couples retreat weekend to focus on us and have some quality time before we add little sister to the craziness.  I am sure we will also do some window shopping and throw some quarters in a slot or two while we are there as well.
We really try to make time for our relationship, in fact we are going to start planning a 'quiet date night'  during the week when K is in town.  Where we turn off the electronics, no TV, no gaming, no surfing the net and just either read or play a game together or talk to each other.  But not 'staff meeting' talking.  Staff meeting talk is where you talk about what you need to do as a family, like oh we are going to so and so birthday party this weekend, or oh I need you to take this there and such.   I love this idea because quality time is one of my Love Languages.
We put the kids to bed a little early, Grace skipped her nap today and she also had her second dance class so I figure she would conk out quickly.  I also thought Aaron would too because after bath time he gave me the biggest yawn on the changing table, but he just stopped cooing away after almost 30 minutes! 
Oh my Aaron is getting so communicative lately.  I taught him the sign for 'more' and just the last couple of days he has been nodding his head.  He could shake his head no, but wouldn't nod.  Now he nods and signs 'more' when he wants some more bananas or water.  He loves drinking water from a big cup.  Actually he loves water in every way!  The bath, the toilet, the cup, the snow, whatever, he is going to love going to the pool this summer! I am going to get a pass for sure I think.  Anyway he can say, Ma Ma, Da Da, ball, car, up, book, dog.  And maybe uh huh.  We are working on sissy or Grace.  I am sure there is more but I can't remember them right now.  He is wearing 18 month clothes now and still skinny.  Sometimes the pants don't always fit him and by the end of the day they have to be pulled up every other minute.  He is so smart, he knows to get his shoes to go bye bye and can throw stuff away in the trash for me.  He also will point to the TV when he wants to watch some cartoons but he doesn't stay very focused, he can get bored of that easily.
 I am feeling good.  Just the usual aches and pains, and I feel huge.  Sleeping is ok.  For the most part Aaron is sleeping straight through until at least 7am. On a good day he will sleep until 7:50, however he can still wake up anywhere from 5am-6am and need help settling back down.  Of course those nights are the nights when I am up 52 times to go to the bathroom or tossing and turning.  Well I better get off the computer so I can make my to do lists for tomorrow, I have a ton of things floating around in my head!

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Beth said...

I am so excited for you guys! We got a couples massage when we were there the year we drove to see you guys! Trying to remember where we got them. It was heavenly. Loved the pics of Grace in her leotard! I miss those sweet babies!