Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our trip

So we left for a couples weekend in Las Vegas on Friday night.  I was excited to get away without the kiddos.  We booked our room at the hotel Vdara.  I hadn't ever heard of the place but it was GREAT!  It's part of the CityCenter in the middle of the strip.  It is a smoke free, green hotel, without a casino.  The CityCenter has a mall called Crystals and it has very upscale stores like Louis Vutton and such in it and then also there is the Aria which we didn't see, but it is another hotel with a casino.  The Vdara was so great.  I never realized that having the smoke free hotel would be so great.  I mean sure you think about it...but it didn't really occur to me until we walked into the lobby to check in.  The lobby just smelled so nice and fresh.  So I took some pictures of our awesome room. The pictures aren't really in order, they got a little messed up when I was uploading them.
 This was our room service breakfast the next morning..pricey but so fun and yummy!
 Picture of K at lunch...well it was more of a snack since we had a late breakfast and early dinner on Saturday.
 Our bed..can you see above the widows the shade was automatic...well the shades...I should say, their were two.  Nice King sized bed, so cozy!
 Our soaking tub, perfect deepness to fit a pregnant belly!
 Our modern sink in our bathroom.
 Another love of the pregnant woman...a shower with a bench seat.
 Look real close this is not the same TV in both pictures, there was a TV on each side of the wall, one for the 'living room' another for the 'bedroom'.

 Me at Outback eating our snack of blooming onions Saturday afternoon.
 So Saturday morning we headed out after our room service breakfast and started showing K the strip.  He had never been to see the strip before on Vegas so since we had to head over to MGM to pick up our tickets for our show that night we walked over to MGM.  It wasn't as far as I had thought and we stopped at the M&M store and had our snack at Outback as well.  The Lion Habitat was closed at MGM which was a bummer, because I wanted to show K, but we got our tickets and some M&M's for the kiddos, then we headed back to the hotel to get ready.  We had reservations at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill, which was in Cesear's Palace.  For some reason I thought I remembered it outside kind of in front of the casino but it was inside.  Our first letdown was that it was in the Sports Book of Cesears Palace so the restaurant itself was kind of smokey being where everyone smokes while they bet on games.  Another thing that irked me was the dress code..they made a point of telling us it was business casual on the phone when we made our reservations, but that must mean something to other people because they were letting in people that I thought were undressed.  Granted they weren't wearing flip flops and tank tops, but it is one of my pet peeves..I guess I am such a rule follower.  Also considering the restaurant wasn't that crowded they sat us, a party of 2 right next to a party of 5.  I mean literally I could have reached out and hugged one of the guys.  The other thing that irked me was I wanted a virgin blended drink and the bar had no blender, they could only do their drinks on ice.  We ordered the Tiger Prawn appetizer with a corn tamale and it was very good.  I ordered the seafood chopino and it had a cilantro broth and the scallops were huge and tender, good flavors.  K order some pork medallions with a Bourbon sauce and a sweet potato mash and porcino mushrooms.  He like the mushrooms and the mash was ok.  The sauce he liked but thought that the pork was a tad on the dry side.  So overall our opinion of the Mesa Grill was good flavors but poor execution considering it was an expensive place.  Its more than just paying a lot for the food, your paying for the whole experience.

Then we headed over to MGM to see the Cirque Du Soleil show called KA.  I didn't know this but we had 2nd row seats and it was so cool.  The show is one with a sort of plot and it was just amazing the acrobatics that the performers did.  Truly worth the money. 
After the show we headed over to get a taxi, the taxi line was SOOOOO long and since I was wearing my new boots with a moderate heel, and because I thought we were closer to the tram than we were I decided I would walk back as opposed to waiting in line.  Probably should have waited, because after all the walking we did earlier that day my poor pregnant muscles and feet were burning once we got back home.

Sunday morning we got a bagel from the little market downstairs and then got ready for our couples massage at 11am.  The spa is in the hotel and so we just went downstairs and got checked in for our relaxing.  I was still a little sore from the night before and when I was getting ready I opened the bathroom stall door onto my barefoot.  They give you flip flops to wear ya know and the door wasn't high like a stall but it wasn't like a regular door either it had about a 2 inch clearance from the floor.  Since I have a hard time seeing my feet these days (big belly and all) I opened the door right into the top of my foot, it hurt so bad and I was limping around during my massage.  But the massage was good and if I ever go back without being pregnant I am taking advantage of that spa! 
The rest of the day we walked around and took the tram to the Bellagio and had lunch.  We checked out a few tables and slots and then headed back to the hotel to watch the rest of the SuperBowel and order some more room service.  It was very relaxing especially eating some chocolate covered strawberries. 
All in all we had a great weekend walking around eating and relaxing, just enjoying each others company and if I ever go back to Vegas to vacation..I am hoping I can stay at the Vdara again!

These pictures I took of the kids before we left..I think on Friday, just so we could get a kid fix in.

And it was nice to be missed too.  Today, a couple of times Aaron freaked out because I think he thought I was going to leave him.  And Grace kept telling me how much she loved me today.  Love my babies!

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Beth said...

Your room was awesome! I want to stay there now!! That tub! Everything looked and sounded so wonderful! And of course I am eating up the photos of my sweet grandbabies. :-)